Monday, November 16, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving - day 16

Unconditional love

So many kinds of love I have seen out there.
Weak love, love strong, running through many  barriers, but at one time trip,
Fall....and cannot rise again.
So many and all kind of love I knew there : UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. That through any kind of storm and obstacles, does not change its route , does not reduce its size, does not lose the weight, not allowa its brightness is eclipsed.
Only those  who love  unconditionally is possessed of a great soul and a benevolent heart.
Love is not live so overwhelmed. It do not have criteria for giving oneself, it is not required
To give up Exchange and reciprocity.
Unconditional love hás no pride . Not to one side of their hability, not its strength, no needto trumpet their esistence or demonstrate their immense universe. It’s just a purê love, unpretentiuos, just so it is great.
Generous hearts is living that kind of love.
Unconditional love, does not need to live in fantasieis or illusions to continue its patch. Is itself whole, not dying and often noneexistente in the eyes of others.
Blessed are those wo are whorty of beeing love unconditionally and happier still, those who  allow themselves to love this.                     
 Unconditional love is an art.
To be loved unconditionally, a godsend.

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  1. Hi Nina, thanks for visiting my blog, have a nice and creative day! Hugs, Renata.