Saturday, November 21, 2009

30 Days of Thanksgiving - days 18 - 19 - 20

Julia is a young lady, happy and cheerful. A person with a generous heart. With a spirit still children.
Some time ago she was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer. But the doctors said that would have great chances of cure. She was just beginning its relationship with the boy who is now her husband. Julia underwent several sessions of chemotherapy. After lengthy treatment, and then further tests revealed that there was no more tumor.
Julia and Julio were married a year ago .. But unfortunately, the cancer manifested itself again.
Today she is with new sessions of chemotherapy and again facing the struggle to defeat this evil.
But finally, what I remember is that Julia is:
and through this faith she has the joy of living, which makes it an unbeatable warrior,
HOPE ...
which makes her persevere in the Lord's promises,
LOVE ...
God pours in her heart and keep it happy, happy. And that despite all the suffering she can pour that same love in our hearts. We who live with her, we know their struggles and difficulties. But every day the love of God is poured over and through most of her life.
Today Iam thankful for the life of Julia, with whom I have learned to live and fight.

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