Sunday, December 25, 2011

So this is Christmas...

"So this is Christmas .... and what you did? Come to one more year .... time for reflection. Great opportunity to review our attitudes, achievements, failures, friends ... and chart new directions for the next year . we can not explain, but this time renews us, gives more strength to the journey and struggles and victories. I thank everyone who made ​​me fall, for me stronger. I thank everyone who was with me when it falls. this year I had a lot of boring stuff, I want to forget ... but good things never come out of this ... my life. Today I thank God for every day of the year, each person who was part of it. I wish a Merry Christmas, blessed, full of love, and that spirit is showing us the true meaning of life, love, faith, understanding, friendship ...... a kiss in the heart of each one, a big hug. "

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